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Nepalese men and women are open bath together in the streets (Photos)

Nepalese men and women on the streets bath together

Nepalese and water seems to have a natural sense of intimacy, but it is understood in Kathmandu butnot an indoor public baths because the fees are too high, the people of Nepal can not afford most of them choose the pool or fountain in the street side of a bath.

Nepalese men and women on the streets bath together

woman wrapped in a cloth bath

Nepal's water resources are very rich in Kathmandu on the street, and even residential areas near the temple, there are many antique open-air pools, fountains and water office.Men and women can often be seen gathered in the open-air pool bath street.Although in a pool, but the men and women use different taps were bathing, kept a certain distance between each other.

Nepalese men and women on the streets bath together

This shower is not completely naked.Men usually wear shorts, naked upper body and legs.Woman is the hair rolled up in a piece of cloth around the chest, wearing slippers.The men were carrying toiletries to the pond, in the head and body marked with soap after a while thrusting his hand under the tap dash, usually 10 minutes to the end of" combat." The woman then look carefully, in full view of every part of the body wash and not emptied is no easy matter.They often gather in small groups, help each other, careful and hard to take care of myself.The whole process is covered in the piece of cloth to complete, will probably take more than an hour.Although not as happy in the tub, but you can achieve the same effect.Nepalese people have long been accustomed to.

Nepalese men and women on the streets bath together

winter also open bath

Nepalese to year-round open-air bath has its natural causes.Kathmandu Valley area is a temperate climate, winter is not cold, not hot in summer, the temperature maintained at 2-28 degrees Celsius year round.Therefore, even in winter, as long as the sunny, daytime temperatures can reach zero on more than ten degrees Celsius, local people can not feel the cold outdoor shower.It was explained that the pond water from underground, from the ground temperature, thus giving us the feeling is cool in summer, warm in winter.In addition, there are a lot of water is spring water containing sulfur, with their bathing of the body is very good.

Nepalese men and women on the streets bath together

In fact, the Nepalese have a bath in the open air pool religious meaning.They believe that the Kathmandu valley of the pools and fountains with their eyes holy lake - Lake is shared, there is one God, Indian leaders living in the place of God Shiva.Bathing in the pool, it's like bathing in the holy lake and worship, can ward off evil away sins.

Nepalese men and women on the streets bath together

pool so most precious relics

for people to bathe in the pools and fountains are also very worthy of mention.In Kathmandu valley, the construction of hundreds of pools of various sizes, mostly made from brick, generally located in the temple or the Avenue next to natural water sources in the 3-5 meters below ground, surrounded by half a meter high buildingwall, and some decorated with lions, snakes and other stone animals.Along the red brick steps down, you can see below the bottom of granite-paved, four walls with drainage channels repair the root, the pool walls are lined with beautifully carved a few taps, each piece is called Art.As the pool of low-lying, high spring water was pouring from the tap, splash splash.Taps can not close this ancient, perennial water into the pool soon after discharge from the sewer.Therefore, the pool is always to keep the water clean.

Nepalese men and women on the streets bath together

Kathmandu valley the old pool and fountain are mostly built in 13-16 century dynasty horse, with high historical and artistic value, have beenNepal's cultural sector as a national heritage.Therefore, the historical heritage of Nepal where the people bathe every day can be an interesting landscape of the.

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