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Slippers slippers of the Philippines are leading the fashion show (Photos)

old known as" island of Luzon," the Philippines as early as 1521, the famous Portuguese navigator Magellan discovered in 1542, Spanish navigator Magellan Lopez after following the secondone came to the islands.In order to show off the Spanish empire in Asia, the" merits" , it's name according to the Spanish Crown Prince Phillip, the islands named Philippine Islands.July 1946, the Philippines complete independence, the country named" Republic of the Philippines."

slippers of all

Philippines is located in tropical, hot and humid all year round,people known to wear traditional slippers.Whether shopping in the famous high-end shoe store or a shoe stall, the slippers are always the undisputed protagonist.If you have the opportunity to visit the Philippines" slippers Capital" in Okinawa town, you can even see the annual" slippers Fashion show."

slippers of all
Philippines resort in Lake Provincial

in Okinawa resort town located within the Lake Province in the Philippines to the unique style slippers, known for durability.

slippers of all
rich tropical Philippines

town is small, there are 100 footwear manufacturers, who take advantage of the unique abaca, banana leaf fiber, rubber and other raw materials, hand out a variety of lightweight, breathable slippers.Especially the banana leaf woven herringbone slippers, pure color and simple, and then mounted on a pearl, shells and other ornaments, clothing and feet is even more evident in a tropical island atmosphere.

slippers of all
woven banana leaves with

annual Easter Eve, the town of slippers slippers Association will be holding the annual show.This event is a local feature models showing slippers are from the young girl in Okinawa town.Audience in addition to the town residents, there are some tourists.Some models were in civilian clothes, some wearing wedding clothes, carefully walked on stage at the T-type" cat walk" , that heaven's charm, do not have a flavor.

slippers of all
street people everywhere to buy slippers

Philippines Traditional slippers sediment also contains the current fashion.General average Filipino is said to have at least three pairs of slippers, this home is now even more things can be seen everywhere: many young people wear slippers with a basketball court in the street also charged; taxi, bus drivers often drive passenger wearing slippers... ...

slippers have become fashionable circles in the Philippines the" new favorite." It not only shows in major fashion shows, but also out of place in a variety of senior banquet.Philippine President Arroyo hosted a dinner at the Presidential Palace Chinese-language media, there was a person wearing a red high-heeled slippers, and red with a Tang suit, both on behalf of the Philippines has demonstrated the traditional style of fashion fun.

slippers of all
" Shoes City" shows the different styles of shoes

present in the Philippines, more than just a town rich in sulfur slippers.Not far away from Manila, there is a famous" Shoes City" Marikina City, where is the center of the Philippines, the footwear industry.Marikina produced" Manu" ," Happy Feet" and other brand slippers, together with the Filipino love of bright color, upper and more tropical plants flowers draw the pattern, reflecting the Philippines" lively upbeat" style.

slippers of all
shoes Museum

This Shoe Town's Rise and former Philippine first lady Imelda inextricably linked.Imelda said that every overseas trip, here's footwear manufacturers will provide her with a variety of styles of shoes.Imelda wearing shoes designed and manufactured by the Philippines, travel around the world, but also attracted a large number of shoe factories in Europe to patronize," Shoes City" Since then, many big brands in Europe Marikina shoe base.

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