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9.5 1960 Chile earthquake in the history of super-

That fifty years ago the history of the most appalling earthquake occurred the day before, that at 6:00 on May 21, 1960, Arauco province of southern Chile occurred in a first field small earthquakes. Although small, but accidental damage to telecommunications facilities in the region and has led to the then President of Chile, Jorge. A Laisang profit was forced to cancel the traditional" Battle of Iquique" anniversary celebration.

when the Chilean government is beginning preparations for the implementation of the rescue of the affected areas time, the second more violent earthquake in the May 22 local time 14:55 PM attacked Valdivia city. The second covers the earthquake attack the central city of Talca in Chile to the origin of potatoes in a large area between Chiloé island. Coastal town Tuo Ertan even disappear in the earthquake.

in the afternoon 19 points, the earth suddenly broke out again a violent trembling of the human record, the strongest since a 9.5 magnitude earthquake at latitude 3.2 degrees 76.6 degrees west longitude in the Pacific Chile Trench, near Puerto Montt submarine eruptions. In the epicenter 800 kilometers north-south range of elliptical area for 11 minutes to Chile earthquake catastrophe caused to local residents.

retained some of the black and white old photos faithfully recorded at the time of horrors: the earth cracked a section of a huge gully, a number of Spanish colonial precious preserved historic buildings and houses, as serious damage to public facilities, full of rubble and crying for help victims. In the later study, scholars found that the earthquake lasted until June 23, more than 1 month before and after time, has had 225 different magnitude. Above magnitude 7 are 10 times, including eight of magnitude greater than 3 times.

year's earthquake witness recalled that after the earthquake, the sea suddenly back down quickly, exposing the seabed had never seen the light of day, shellfish and other marine animals that Yuxia Xie, struggling on the beach. After about 15 minutes later, the sea, suddenly to rise. Suddenly rough surging, rolling in waves up to 8-9 meters, up to 25 meters. Roar of the waves to Cuikulaxiu trend, over the coastline, hit the east coast of Chile and Pacific cities and villages.

the Pacific to Chile earthquake destroyed the city into ruins was just at this time and frequently wave erosion. Among those buried in the rubble of people killed has not been raging from the water and drown. In the port of Valdivia Colo, raise the sea level was quickly form a shock wave, resulting in hundreds of lives. A river in Valdivia El ships traveling. Kani Luo numbers are surging waves capsized along the coast until today people can still see the mast above the water.

Although the May 21 start heavy rains in the region began, but because of the power supply and drinking water Valdivia complete collapse of the system , this rainy city for the first time in Chile into a water shortage. Caused by the earthquakes and torrential rain to the survivors into a deeper panic. Tel Falcon disaster within the western mountains of serious landslides, rocks blocking the Saint. Pedro River, leading to the upper reaches of the Ri? ihue

rapid increase in water level. If the water level once more than 24 meters high dam, the total amount of 48 billion cubic meters of water will be lower in the five-hour attack on the one hundred thousand residents in disaster areas. After the military, emergency rescue workers and dozens of bulldozers, day and night for risk, the dam was safe before Paul.

5 24, Chile earthquake in the Andes Cordón

Caulle sudden volcanic eruption, a lot of smoke billowing buttressed north of magma formed a 5.5-km zone of terror, the eruption continued until July 22 until the end. Interrupted due to local communication, no one believe this is the only outbreak of the volcano during the earthquake.

in this southern Chile, the world's largest earthquake in more than two thousand Chileans were killed and more than two million homeless, direct economic losses of 550 million U.S. dollars (U.S. dollars in 1960 - Editor's note.) Valdivia, Concepción, Puerto Montt and other large cities almost into ruins.

earthquake in Chile, although many suffered from the earthquake hit, but it is a rare earthquake and natural disaster has once again triggered a series of challenges the Chileans tough nerves. Armando are not even suspect they are going through a nuclear war. On May 7, 1960, former Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev had just announced a driving shot down and captured a U2 spy plane in the former Soviet Union, the American pilot. During an earthquake, due to breakdown in communications, many people speculated that it was not World War III has begun.

Although this is not a world war, but by the impact of this earthquake is not only Chileans. 1960 15 hours after the earthquake, the earthquake triggered a tsunami wave speed of 700 km per hour, Youyi arrived in the western Pacific islands. Ten-meter-high waves destroyed almost all the island of Hawaii West, 1600 houses and 185 residents were instantly swallowed, economic losses amounted to $ 75,000,000.

a day after the end of a tsunami wave of about 1.7 million km away, reached the Japanese archipelago. At this point, the waves are still very rough, waves up to 6-8 meters. Parked in Honshu, Hokkaido and other places harbor vessels, coastal bays and a variety of building facilities, have been greatly damaged. Pro Pacific coast cities, villages and some houses and some people had a chance to escape, were involved in the sudden waves of the sea. The affected by the tsunami disaster in Chile, causing hundreds of deaths in Japan, destroyed nearly 4,000 houses, sank the vessel over a hundred ships, coastal terminals, ports and facilities, most are destroyed.

in the earthquake, the United States and the former Soviet Union in the global placement of nuclear weapons tests for the detection of other surveillance equipment, actually became the first human records and tsunami forecasting tools. Although the victims of the earthquake in 1960, the number of people remain disputed, but it is generally accepted that the earthquake caused a tsunami killing is the main culprit. It is also a major earthquake in Chile in 1960 after being inspired by the Governments began working for those vulnerable to tsunami-hit regions to establish a comprehensive tsunami early warning mechanism.

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